Wild animals in Black Survival and their roles

Like all battle royale or survival games, in Black Survival as well, achieving your goal of becoming the last man standing on the battlefield is not as easier as you think. Mastering your game requires going through the tons of obstacles where at each step of the gameplay you have to fight against the enemies for your survival.

Black Survival is not all about different characters which you can choose as per their abilities and your needs so that they help you in the battle. Moreover, there are several other ways which can help you in achieving your goal, such as wild animals. Hunting wild animals help in leveling up in the game.

While moving from one place to another or searching for materials in the danger areas, you have to face enemy players waiting to make you their target as well as may face ferocious wild animals. Like your enemies, these wild animals can also give you a surprise attack, so always be ready for it.

Let’s get some information about the wild animals and their roles in Black Survival.


Due to the incomprehensible image, bats are considered as the symbol of disloyalty. In Black Survival, you may get a surprise attack anytime when you are in their areas, either looking for a safe area to avoid enemies or finding items or weapons to make a strong battle. Chapel, Temple, and Tunnel are their spawn locations, it means when you enter these locations, be aware of bats’ attack.


Crow is another wild animal in Black Survival having spawn areas include Pond, Trail, and Forest. The Crow drops bird meat, feather, Type A supply item, and food item. The first crow will be spawned within 3 minutes after you start playing your game.


Osprey is a wild bird that has large wings with around 1.7m of wingspan. When it flies in the sky, it is quite scarring. This might be the reason for adding this wild creature in Black Survival. Beach, Dock, and Lighthouse are its spawn locations. Like other wild animals in Black Survival, Osprey spawns at 3 minutes once the game starts.

Hunting Dog

One of the oldest among the wild animals, in Black Survival it is used as one of the enemies for the players. Like other wild animals here, the attack of hunting dog is also surprised, so you have to be attentive all the time. The spawn areas of hunting dog are Alley, School, and Slums. The fountain pen, weapon, and food are the drop items of this wild creature.


Due to the high sense of smell, Bloodhound, one type of dog, can find you easily when you are in the restricted areas. But, the chances of their surprised attack are low in the game. Hotel, Uptown, and Town Hall are the spawn locations of a bloodhound.


Gorilla has a scary look and has strong attacking power. The Gorilla can spawn in a restricted area at 6 minutes after you start the game. The spawn locations of Gorilla are Archery Range, Fire Station, and Factory.


When you play dead, Bear nudges you to check if you are dead and if you are still alive, bear’s nudging of such strong bear can kill you. The spawn areas of bear are Well, Cemetery and Hospital. So when you enter these areas, be careful of this wild animal.

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