TVZion – App to Stream movies, TV shows and all

It can be difficult and tiring to follow and seek out proper streaming apps on the market among hundreds that promise you the best. Sometimes you do find a nearly perfect app that contains all the shows that you wanted to watch and lo!

You’ve already subscribed to it, fantastic! But that friend and that colleague from work, both of them suggested you a new Web Series and unfortunately, it’s not available in the app whose subscription you recently purchased. What would you do now? Purchase another subscription? Get it illegally or wait for a friend to watch it together?

While you may choose any of the options above, but for those of you who don’t particularly enjoy waiting or have qualms with doing illegal stuff, we have an app for you that not only meets all of your streaming needs but also provides you several other benefits!

TVZion is one such app to Stream Movies, TV Shows and all the Web Series for free!

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It might baffle you how could one app give away everything for free? Well, we’re going to answer just that as we show you all the amazing features it delivers.

Ad-free content

You might be aware of a practice that involves installing ad-blockers on your browser or operating system that gets rid of the annoying ads displayed on content viewing sites. If you’re unaware then you must surely be familiar with the purchasing subscription aspect. But, with TVZion you can watch ad-free content on your devices and start saving time by forgetting all worries. The huge library displayed within the app is free to watch anywhere and anytime you like!

Offline watching

This is another crucial feature for all applications that deem to become the best in the streaming market. It’s not possible to have data access all the time and there’s also the matter of running out of data sometimes. For all of those hassles, TVZion allows free unlimited downloads, so you can take your favorite Movies and TV Shows to many sleepovers and all the wild adventures.

Subtitle support

The favorite TV Shows that you’ve been rooting for happens to contain some dialogues in Spanish and, unfortunately, you don’t understand or speak that language, but you also don’t want to miss out on all the dialogues. Well, TVZion supports subtitles from over 20 languages that are accurate and enables you to watch global content without worrying about your multilingual skills and hey, you might even learn a few things in a new language while you binge watch that awesome show!


This feature helps you navigate within the TVZion app better by providing you the choice to bookmark all the shows that you’re currently watching or you may like to watch. It’s not exactly a wishlist, but it does help you in never getting confused between a Movie and a TV Show ever!


If you’ve been feeling odious about watching everything on the screen of your handheld device, then you’d adore this feature that allows you to stream your content on a bigger screen with Chromecast on TVZion.


TVZion offers excellent compatibility across all platforms. The interface is simplistic which also provides you the ability to download and view content in different formats and resolutions up to 4k! The high-speed servers grant you the freedom to pick between links and say goodbye to lags and other issues with an inbuilt video player that works on all devices of any screen size.

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Final Words

TVZion is made to offer you an overall satisfying experience while also providing you the best performance. The vast library and other beneficial features will surely meet all your demands from a streaming app without compromising on privacy and security.