Tips & tricks to play Cyber Hunter smartly in battle arena

If you have played any battle royale game before, you will find that Cyber Hunter not only excels in graphics and character customizations but has a variety of actions, skills, and tactics which makes it one of the preferred survival and shooter games among the people around the world.

If you have just started playing Cyber Hunter and want to improve your performance so that you can become master of it and want to take out the enemies from the battlefield in less time, you must go through these tips and tricks. They will help you to play this game smartly.

Choose where to land on the map

Like other battle royale games, you must wait for the first few seconds to decide where to land on the map. When you are playing as a team, it is very important to determine where your entire team should land so that it can help in increasing the chances of survival. Always keep in mind that the map has various locations to best suit the level of expertise of the players, whether a newbie or an expert. So, what location you choose plays a great role in the outcome of each battle.

Must be familiar with weapons and skills

The first few matches in Cyber Hunter are just like a tutorial for you which helps you to understand the gameplay in a better way. It also works great in getting familiarized with the various weapons and skills, something like which weapon or skill to be used in a particular situation. It is also a good idea to try all the guns available in Cyber Hunter to learn about their damage and all.

Play with a squad

Although Cyber Hunter provides you an option to play as a solo or a team, playing with a team is always the best way to make the most out of your game. No doubt, team play is always great fun, but at the same time, it is a little complex as well. It is so because if you are a new player, you must be aware of the strengths and play styles of all the players in a team. Also, as you reach new levels, you will earn more and get unlock skills

Aware of the safe zone

Cyber Hunter has a large map with the storms or similar events that put pressure on players to find and stay in a safe zone. But, you must also know how the safe zone shrinks. If any player has caught in the storm, he/she gets a little time before his/her HP is exhausted within the storm. So, you must always be mindful when it comes to a safer zone.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you in improving your game and become a better player.

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