Tips and Tricks to Play Free Fire Garena

Survival shooter games have gained a lot of popularity given their extensive gameplay and thrilling nature. They have become an indispensable part of the players’ lives, giving them a much-needed break from their stress-loaded mundane routines. Free Fire Garena is an action-packed game with a great map, multiple weapons and fifty opponents to defeat and win a match.

There are several ways one can gain a competitive advantage over other players with the help of planning, plotting and some practice. If you’ve recently discovered this game and wish to compete at par with old players, it helps to know your way around the game before starting. With the help of these tips, you can gain some competitive edge while playing this game-

Landing site

The spot from where you begin the match can make or break the game for you. Some parts of the map are barren and provide snipers and other players an easy way to take aims. Some of them are loaded with loot material and will help players find arms and other things that they require. The big towns on the map such as Cape town help the players survive for a longer period. They are full of structures to help take cover and have a lot of items that the players can obtain.

Vehicles- a no go?

Players need to gauge both the advantages and disadvantages of using a vehicle in this game. In an area where a fewer number of opponents are present, it is highly recommended that you use a vehicle to increase your mobility and speed. This can also be a tactic used in the later part of the game where some opponents have already been killed off.

However, using a vehicle reduces your ability to take good aims and kill other opponents. It also makes you an easy target to spot and hence should not be used in an area which is highly populated by other players at any given point of the game.

Selection of Weapons

There are plenty of different weapons in Free Fire Garena to choose from. A combination of weapons that best suit your gaming style should be used. For example, for players who wish to engage in close quarter combat should choose a shotgun and assault rifle combination. These guns ensure enough damage is caused to other players to make sure they are eliminated.

Players who prefer to camp at safe spots and take shots from a distance, snipers are the best tools to possess. If this is your method of engaging it is good practice to complement the sniper with an AK when you are mobile and shifting your position.

With these tips, you cannot go wrong while playing Free Fire Garena and will help you defeat the enemies and get brag-worthy stats.