Super Mecha Champions – What makes it different from others?

Super Mecha Champions is an anime-style action shooter game which is developed for Android and iOS devices. The gameplay is something that has brought a Mecha twist to a wonderful battle royale genre. Basically, it is a Japanese-inspired action game which can enable players to be focused on their gameplay for hours without getting bored for even a single minute.

The players from around the world preferred to play Super Mecha Champions from computer to be engaged and enjoy high action battles in the game, which can be a little difficult to find in other battle royale games.

In this game, you and other players are dropped in an urban battleground, where all players are allowed to collect, loot and can even build a huge collection of powerful weapons. Using these weapons and tactics all players compete with each other with the aim to be the last man standing on the battleground. The game offers nine different types of guns when you are fighting in the human form or you will fight by sitting in the pilot seat of a giant robot, Mecha, to control the battleground and take out the enemies by crushing them with your powerful abilities.

Now, in addition to the above, the answer to the question, what makes it different from other battle royale games, include:

  • The game involves exciting battle where you can move around the battleground by foot but strategically and then get into the Mecha form to turn your battle in the field of large-scale machine to take control of it. Each character in the game runs a unique Mecha having its own set of skills and abilities to meet the different gameplay styles.
  • Super Mecha Champions has a Japanese-Inspired graphics style. So, do not miss the chance to navigate around the city with anime-style characters and jump into the battle in the areas with high rising abandoned buildings and city streets. Simply provides an amazing experience from the voice of Japanese actors.
  • It offers a variety of weapons and players fighting on foot can use as many weapons they can. This gameplay offers a number of options based on each playstyle. These include sniper rifles, homing missiles, cannons and many more.
  • The game also provides you a freedom to team up with your friends to have a strong battle against your enemies. The team battles are a great way to expand your weapons and abilities to gain a unique gaming experience.

These features are enough to understand the reasons of Super Mecha Champions to stand out from others.