Safety guidelines for Yolo Anonymous on Snapchat

There is no surprise that like other anonymous apps, Yolo also comes in the category where it requires some safety guidelines to be understood by parents so that they can keep their children away from bullying, and disrespectful words.

Using Yolo anonymous app and other social communication apps mean giving an invitation to the strangers to give hurtful and negative messages as the answers to the anonymous questions. Yolo allows you to ask anonymous questions to your friends through your Snapchat account.

You just need to add an ‘ask me anything’ sticker to your story, which enables other Snapchat users to ask your anything as anonymous questions. All the questions are reviewed privately and users will decide which question to be answered and to whom it would be shared.

Yolo is not the first anonymous Q&A app, it comes after another similar app named as Sarahah. This app became very popular in the year 2017, but later even within a year, the app was rejected from iOS and Android due to the allegations of bullying from the people who were using this app. It was clearly indicated as a breeding ground for hate and racism. It was not tolerated in any way and was decided to ban the Sarahah app.

When it comes to Yolo, safety and monitoring regulations of the app are not completely clear. When signing up with Yolo, the warning message arrives on the screen for the users which convey that Yolo has no tolerance for offensive content or abusive users.

The app has in-built flagging and blocking features, but still is not confirmed or determined whether all the procedures involving safety guidelines will prevent users from being bullying and hate or not. It has also been reported that such kind of anonymous apps target young people as they are more inclined towards new technologies and their uses as compared to adults.

So, parents must keep an eye on their kids and check their social networks so that their kids remain safe from the stingers and disrespectful attitude. It is so because apps like Yolo which allow anonymous messages can be easily misused to send hurtful and offensive contents.

In order to meet the duty of care to kids, Yolo has warned users to be banned or their identities will be revealed for any kind of inappropriate usage of the app in any way.