Rise of Kingdoms – Simple Guide to Buildings

Rise of Kingdoms is a multiplayer game for PC, where players have to build their kingdoms and a strong army where each group is managed by a powerful commander. The game involves two types of buildings, named as the economy and military buildings. To check the buildings in the game, you have to click the hammer icon which is available at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now, let’s move further with some details about different buildings.

City Hall

City Hall is considered as the main building in your Kingdom. If you choose to upgrade your city hall, you will get an increase in new buildings or the maximum limit of building. Additionally, there will also be an increase in the troop dispatch queue, their capacity as well as the Kingdom power. With an upgrade of city hall, you will be entered into the new era of each level. Keep in mind that by default, the Stone Age is the root of Kingdom.


Academy is also another main building in the game. Here, you will get a chance to study two types of technologies; one of economic and other is military. Once you build the academy, simply tap on research option which will take you to a new window containing technologies. Now, in the economic tab, you are allowed to search for the technologies linked to the creation of resources, troop capacity, speed and more.


In Rise of Kingdoms, where your enemy players can attack your Kingdom anytime to steal the resources, Storehouse building works great to protect your resources from your enemies. These resources include food, wood, stone, and gold. The only thing of concern in the storehouse is its inability to protect the entire treasure. You can do this by increasing the protection capacity.

Alliance Center

When an alliance is joined, you are allowed to ask for help, such as building, upgrading, research, and others. It can easily be indicated with a helping hand icon and when you tap this feature, it will help you for the same. With the help of this, you can also increase the number of times you can ask for help as well as strengthening the troop capacity.


This building helps you in purchasing the number of items such as resources, boosters, blueprint, keys, teleport and various others. You can purchase your desired item with red gems.

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Builder Hut

It is the house of your builder. If you want to improve the building queues, you have to build this facility, involving certain limit which you cannot go over.

Scout Camp

It is the place where the scouts of your Kingdom stay. The scouts help you in knowing about the kingdom or enemy who is about to attack you.