How to make effective team compositions in Brawl Stars?

For beginners, building an effective team is not easier when they are not familiar with all the important concepts of Brawl Stars. So, they want a guide which can help them in learning how to build an effective team compositions to make their gameplay full of fun, excitement, and enjoyable challenges.

The main aim of this team compositions guide is to help new players to focus on the right mindset about certain things. Let’s go through this guide and learn to make effective team compositions in Brawl Stars/


The brawlers in Brawl Stars are classified based on their abilities, Super, damage, speed, and others. You need to choose the brawlers based on these different classifications. Being a beginner, you must know about all the brawlers.

  • Damage Per Second, it includes burst, chip, sustained and shortgunners.
  • Damage Type, it includes single, AOE and penetration.
  • Health, it includes tank, mid health and fragile.
  • Range, it includes long, mild and close.
  • Spread, it includes wide and narrow.
  • Movement Speed, it includes fastest, fast and regular


The maps in Brawl Stars can be viewed by clicking ‘I’ button available on the top right corner of the event menu. One map is very much different to another, like brawlers and teams on one map are not those much effective on another map. When choosing brawlers you have to look for the important features of the maps.

These include Lots of Bushes, Wide Open Center, Tight Choke Points, Horizontal Walls, Vertical Walls, Bodies of Water, Walls Protecting Objective.

Game Modes

Brawl Stars have four game modes, where each game mode has different best brawlers. The brawler you are going to choose should be best in a mode, so choose them carefully because one brawler best in one mode could be the worst in other modes.

Gem Grab Mode

A brawler must have a gen carrier, support DPS and map controller.

Bounty Mode

A brawler must have minimum one burst damager and 1-2 support DPS.

Heist Mode

A brawler must have a designated safe damager and 1-2 support DPS.

Bounty Ball Mode

A brawler must have a ball carried, support DPS and map controller.

Keep in mind that each brawler has its own set of skills and abilities, so using them in a proper way works great in accomplishing the goal of winning the game.

Hope, you will find this guide helpful in making effective team compositions.