How to earn Gems in Gacha Life gameplay

Gacha Life is all about fun and excitement, which no player can ever want to miss it. The game offers many features and options that allow you to create your own characters and use their abilities to win the game. When it comes to earning gems in Gacha Life, you can find the number of ways which you can use for adding gems to your collection.

The first way is to tap the Gifts button which is available on the home menu. It includes easy and simple to follow missions, something like subscribing to the YouTube channel or follow them on Twitch. Once you are done with it, you will be rewarded with a total of 900 gems.

The second way is to watch video ads, which is very simple to follow. You just need to tap the ‘Watch Ad’ button available on the home menu of Gacha Life. When you click on the button and watch the ad, you will be rewarded with the random number of gems from 10-150. You must also know that once you watch an ad, that Watch Ad button will again be active after a few minutes. Remember, by watching a single video ad, you can earn up to 150 gems, so whenever this opportunity hits your screen, do not miss it in any way.

The third way is to play mini games for earning free gems. Though, the numbers of gems earned through this method are much less as compared to the other two methods – Tapping Gifts button and Tapping ‘Watch Ad’ button. So, some players prefer to use the above two ways for earning gems instead of playing mini games. But still, it is advised to go with this method as well, especially when you have free time and looking for short games to have fun, this idea will work in both ways i.e. will kill your boredom as well as will enable you to earn free gems.

Many people choose mini games to play as a pass time while waiting for their stamina to recover. Here, the free gems can also be earned based on the scores of your mini games. Also, make sure to put attention on the mini game with the bonus icon, it is so because when you play that game, you will get a chance to earn extra gems. This way, playing these mini games are somewhere beneficial for adding gems to your collection.

Just keep in mind these three ways of earning Gems in Gacha Life in order to get the most out of your gameplay and raise friendship.