Deadly and Passive Objects in Stick Fight:The Game

Stick Fight: The Game is a physics-based online battle game, where stick figures are involved in the battle from the golden age of the internet. Here, you can challenge your friends and even the fans of this game from around the world. All players in this wonderful game have to control their particular stick figure that runs, jumps and fights against other players in this gameplay.

You have to fight against other players in 4-stick fight and total there are 9 matches, you have to be the top of all 4 players. Here, you will get to know about some deadly and passive objects which can change the entire gameplay.

Deadly Objects

Laser Beams

Laser beams are so destructive that they can end matches within seconds. When you even touch the one, it can do the instant kill. If you are not killed by laser beams, it affects your health and will push you downwards. So, it is very important to avoid laser beams, like if you jump on them, they will swing side to side and can kill other players.

Snake Barrels

Snakes are involved in dealing with medium damage along with pulling you to the ground. Though each snake barrel has 4-5 snakes in it, you have to deal with it effectively. The good part of this object is that they do not cause explosive damage, which can be somewhat good for you.

Spike Ball

Spike Ball is another deadly object that causes great damage, in some cases can cause instant killing. It is available in two maps. On one map, it appears like a wrecking ball with a chain on the top and it swings, while on another map, you see four holes and you have to go inside the one hole and make sure not to be crushed.

Lava Dispensers

Basically, it is a laser containing a small door which opens and closes. It appears only on the lava maps and pushes a player downwards.

Passive Objects

Trees and Bushes

Trees and brushes help you in making your game easier. You can use them for hiding, so be as straight as possible. Whether you use trees or bushes as the advantage objects for you, if you find there is another person, simply jump out immediately.


Boxes are used to crush the opponents and can also use to be pushed. The boxes can also be used to cover as they are quite difficult to be broken.


If you are on the maps supporting chains, it can be a useful object against the opponents. When you shoot the chain, it will break and cause the players on it to dump off. So, always find a pistol first to shoot the chain.
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