Beginners tips to become a good jungler in Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji Arena is a game that brings the world of fantasy into the engaging world of video games. The game consists of characters that have supernatural abilities to summon spirits called “Shikigami” and use their unique abilities to destroy the enemies. Each “Shikigami” has different skin, abilities and powers. The game aims to destroy evil spirits that are aiming for world domination.

Jungling is an important aspect of the game, Onmyoji Arena. It provides another layer to the game and allows players to use another way to plan and strategize their gameplay. Here are some tips for new players to understand jungling and help improve their game.

Early Stage

It is difficult to destroy the jungle monster in the initial stages in Onmyoji Arena as compared to other games. You can gain more experience by trying to kill it yourself. The number of hits that you get, the more damage can be caused and more experience points will be gained. The best way to go about this stage is to buy the right equipment to use. Start with a pair of boots. Kill creeps to get bonus points.

Mid Game

In this stage, it is advised to start killing enemies with energy lower than 50%. Use a wind walker as your main bot as this will help you move to and fro faster. It is smarter to run away from a battle where your team is losing. The most important tip to follow at this stage of the game is to avoid engaging in battle with a mage. Mages have stun and burst. This causes a lot of damage to all the characters and should be avoided unless they are fairly inexperienced.

Late Game

You can attack any enemy or character in this stage of the game. Except for the tank, it is possible to defeat any enemy. Itis important to target their damage dealer and then kill their mage. Make sure you know who has the stun and is using it. If you are in the losing team at this stage, make sure you defend the tower.

With these tips, it will be easier to navigate your way to being a jungler and make sure that you perform better when you play Onmyoji Arena.